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  • All transport modes: bus, rail, metro, tram and ferry
  • Multiple cities: 500 thousand stops in more than 100 cities
  • Map based search: use gps or search for an address
  • Low network consumption: same content never downloaded twice
Targeted demographic (business, resident, or both): 
Who and what will be impacted by the app, and how?: 
- Commuters can easily check schedules for their favorite stops and routes - Tourists can easily discover where is closer stops
What is the specific need that is addressed by the app?: 
Easily find when next transport arrives to our stop, with just one click (e.g. without using complex trip planners)
Anticipated usage of the app (by whom, under what circumstances, etc)?: 
- A student ends a class and wants to know when departs next bus from his usual bus stop to city center. - A tourist visiting Jeld-Wen Field searches allSchedules to find a station to go back to his hotel.
How is information presented, that's not presented elsewhere; how is it unique?: 
The way is possible explore stops in the map and how schedules are presented in schedule.
Which, if any, community datasets are used?: 
TriMet GTFS feed
Not Applicable
user :: June 19, 2012 - 5:37pm

Is this open source? Looks like the same 'allSchedules' entered in the San Diego apps challenge: