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Public Safety

Sends the most recent fire/EMS call in Clackamas County to a Twitter account. I created a PHP script that pulls the XML data, parses it out, then sends the most recent fire/EMS call to the following twitter account: A link to a Google map of the incident location is also provided.

Targeted demographic (who app is intended for): Anyone that has in interest in the activities of the fire/EMS/police activities in the area. Concerned citizens, local media, etc.

Specific need that is addressed by app: The need for real-time updates about emergency services.

Anticipated usage (by whom, under what circumstances, etc): Currently being used by many regular citizens, people who work for emergency services, traffic monitoring services, and local media.

Who and what will be impacted by the app, and how: By providing real-time emergency service data, people will be more aware of the incidents in their neighborhood, traffic services can provide warnings about certain emergency traffic situations, and local media will have an instant notification of emergency events

How information is presented, that's not presented elsewhere; how it is unique: The information is presented in near-teal-time via Twitter. The makes the data extremely easy for anyone to obtain, use, and stay

Strengths of the design: Very easy to see the data. People also have a variety of ways to monitor the data: web, cell phone, or various 3rd party Twitter applications.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
Zerok :: March 6, 2011 - 9:44pm

It's an amazing application. I thought these kinds of application would be more effective and fast way to us to get an information and news about any kind of incident. Through the twitter, it would be also right way because of approximately 30 million users are using twitter and its growing rapidly day by day. Also I have heard that in some countries twitter is made compulsory for all the citizens and governmental organs. Definitely in some state Twitter has made our life easy.