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One of the things that I love about Portland is the fact that one can live locally on a scale that is impossible in most cities. Just about everything I need on a day to day basis is located within a short walk from my residence. or for mobile devices, is a means to find businesses, services and activities that have a local flavor and are typically Portland in nature. The site allows you to find all the things that you love about Portland, without have to wade through miscellany.

The site ranks results based on the things that people look for in that area. If people in the Alphabet District tend to search for yoga studios and people in Richmond like beer and meditation, then those categories will rise to the top.

Like most residents of the city, I strongly identify with my chosen neighborhood. People come to Portland because it is a unique and wonderful place and each neighborhood has it's own flavor. The site should take on the personality of the neighborhood in which it is used.

My intention is to allow users of the site to define their own neighborhoods. At the moment, it is based around the officially defined Neighborhood Association boundaries, but I feel that they do not always correspond to how people actually perceive their own individual neighborhoods.

I would like to enable users to create and name their own neighborhoods and select interests and activities that are representative of how they see it. The site will allow other users to use these openly defined neighborhoods as well as brag about them on facebook and other social media sites.

I chose the name "Portland is my Homeland" because I felt that Homeland is such a loaded term and I did not feel comfortable with how it has been used over the last decade.

I feel that Portland is my homeland. And honestly, I feel like Southeast Portland is truly my homeland and when you get down to it, my homeland is bounded by the Willamette River to the west, Burnside to the North, Powell to the South and Mount Tabor to the East.

I created this application to express my love for this part of the world, and to allow others to share their own homelands.

Targeted demographic (who app is intended for): Citizens of Portland who are interested in living locally and finding things in their neighborhood.

Specific need that is addressed by app: This is a neighborhood portal that makes it easy to find businesses and services that are typically Portland in nature. Rather than attempting to index everything in an area, pimh sticks to things that the people of this city find interesting.

Anticipated usage (by whom, under what circumstances, etc): It might be used to find the nearest yoga class, and then the closest beer for post workout recovery

Who and what will be impacted by the app, and how: It is intended to be used by people who use public transportation, biking and walking to get to the things that they do every day.

How information is presented, that's not presented elsewhere; how it is unique: This application is intended for mobile devices like the iphone and android. It is a mobile web app that uses the devices geolocation services to find things in the immediate area and provide information and directions. It also has a transit tracker type feature to find nearby trimet stops and departures.

Strengths of the design: Since this a web application it is not limited to a single mobile platform. The site functions equally well on apple and google platforms. The site also reacts to the actual usage patterns of people in the area and adapts their specific needs. For instance if people in inner SE tend to search mostly for Bikes and Beer, those categories will be featured more prominently for users in that area.

MIT license
Snacky :: July 5, 2010 - 2:47pm

The app could possibly use business registration info from the Secretary of State. And a city version of business registrations.

landymarlos :: December 14, 2012 - 3:30am

I also love Portland because its very pretty and well developed.