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Show of Hands is a real-time polling application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and (soon) the iPad. Poll questions are posted daily, and span a variety of topics. Recent questions include:

  • Do you think a cure for cancer will be discovered during your lifetime?
  • Do you believe the new health care reform law will reduce the Federal deficit?
  • Have you used a phone book within the past twelve months?
  • Mexican food or Italian food?
  • Do you think the passage of the health care bill will help or hurt the Democrats in the November 2010 elections?
  • Do you take vitamins of other supplements daily?

After voting, users can see real-time results for their state and nationally (via a "red/blue" map). Poll results can also be filtered by gender and political party.

Another feature includes the ability to view contact information (phone, address, email, twitter, youtube, etc) for your Congress members.

Zerok :: March 6, 2011 - 8:49pm

Live polling can certainly be used in many sectors. This application has helped me in online voting of manager in my office. I can express our thought and views on particular subject or topic. I also can compare my views or thoughts with others by its result. It has show the result of topic, how many people are thinking what about the topic? Its show the result through the chart, red and blue colored, we could see it easily. If good marketing is done with this application than certainly it will get a lot of users in no time. Since this is an iPhone based application many other business companies can also participate in the live polling through mobile phones.