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Nextbus is a simple command-line utility that will give you the next Trimet arrival times if you give it the stop id.

It is (re)written in Python.

Usage: wnb [stopid]

You can specify a default stop by creating a .stopid file in your home directory that contains the stop id by itself on a single line (don't use # before it).

Targeted demographic (who is the app intended for?): 
People who are familiar with the Unix Command line.
Who and what will be impacted by the app, and how?: 
Command line users, electronic hobbyists.
What is the specific need that is addressed by the app?: 
Provide a lightweight mechanism for accessing transit information with out requiring a web browser. Making transit info available in away that is easy to reuse/script. For example you could easily use this on a Raspberry Pi, or similar, combined with an LED display sign to make your own bus stop arrival sign without having to worry about interacting with the Trimet api.
Anticipated usage of the app (by whom, under what circumstances, etc)?: 
The app enables you to access transit info straight from the command line without the overhead of firing up a web browser. As with other *nix utilities it is easy to combine with other tools and/or reuse in scripts. For instance you could set up a cron job to email you bus arrival times right before you leave work.
How is information presented, that's not presented elsewhere; how is it unique?: 
It is the only command line utility for transit info.
What are a few of the primary strengths of the design?: 
Lightweight, portable/cross-platform. Usable in a scripting environment.
GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
tallus :: May 22, 2013 - 2:50pm

Now rewritten in Python, it only requires the standard Python libraries so no dependencies and a small download.