The Awards

How is the award money split for teams?

Winnings will be split equally among the team members.

When will the winners be announced?

There are two phases in the Challenge: the Ideas Challenge phase and the Apps Challenge phase. Winners of the Ideas phase will be announced on CivicApps for Greater Portland in May. Winners of the two rounds of the Apps phase will be announced in May and July.

Who decides who will receive the prizes?

The winners for one set of awards will be selected by a panel of CivicApps judges, based on the criteria of: Usefulness and utility to Citizens overall, or any particular demographic of users; Appeal of the application in terms of design and usability; Originality, uniqueness and inventive nature of the application; and, Utilization of the various datasets.

Other awards will be determined by public vote, participant vote, and/or individual judges for discretionary awards.

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