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Public Safety

In the case of an emergency, this Civic App will provide information of medical, food, water, shelter and assistance service in Portland neighborhoods. This application can also serve as a point for community requests of service to respond to an emergency. For example, " Potable water available at Woodlawn park". "Bring first aid supplies to medical tent at 33 and Killingsworth. "Need any community members who can construct emergency compost toilets and hand washing stations at Alberta Park". This application can provide direction, involvement and information in a critical time.

rnixon :: March 30, 2010 - 2:43pm

One could consider the existing open source Citizen Reports app for this purpose, segmenting the type of service requests into basic needs, and facilitating quick ties to existing City infrastructure for the back-end. Other agencies could quickly tie into this as well with documentation and accommodating workflows. See for more info.