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I currently have a small dataset of oregon ballot measures results broken down by county in a series of CSV files here ( I am currently missing 2002 and could also provide 1996 if people are interested. In that same repository, I also have a PostgreSQL database dump that has a complete set of ballot measures (1996 - 2012). The database dump file currently requires that PostGIS be installed to properly work, but if people are interested, I could modify it to remove that requirement.

I retrieved this data from the Oregon Secretary of State's website ( In order to get it in to CSV I had to parse it from a series of PDFs and HTML documents, which we all know isn't the best format for storing data.

If there is interest, I could work on expanding this data set more. Also, please let me know what I can do in order to make the data I currently have accessible from this website.

abjohn :: December 6, 2016 - 5:17am

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