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Objective: Building Bicycle Community in preparation for the ongoing implementation of the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030. Creating awareness and empowerment through integration.

Application would be connected via a main site using a Google Mapping API database. Plan to use Twitter API Geotagging. This is an application for multiple devices.

Users generate content on Bike Route Map overlay. Content may be tweeted or otherwise as long as it includes a point geotagged in the Portland Metro Area.

Users may be public at large, bike organizations, government organizations. Refresh time varies due to users preference. Data set(s) displayed can be turned on or off. Queries may be run. Possible vetting system of user generated content via terms of use. Possible fixed icons and categories. Comments enabled.

Diversity of user generated content may include:

Potholes, Construction, Free Boxes, Lemonade Stands, Fallen Fruit, Road Rage, S.O.S (can I borrow your pump?), Your Idea Here, AM Ticket Traps, Ghost Bikes, Bike Events, Community wide events.

Application categories encompass Community, Geography, Public Safety, Public Works and Transportation.

Carine Being :: July 19, 2010 - 12:25pm

I like all of the above. I really like the breadth of possible user generated content, the ability of users to contribute geospatial information through various platforms and the ability to use GIS-based queries. I just question why this would be only a Biker's Resource. Wouldn't all of this information be a rich resource for a pedestrian or a bus rider or even gasp, someone who drives a car? Why not have an app that is neighborhood orientated that displays the information for users based on the mode of transit the user chooses: ie what is 20 minutes away from me by foot, by bike, by bus or Max, or by private auto?

peat moss :: July 19, 2010 - 1:26pm

Thanks Carine! If you are in Portland you've probably heard about the Portland Bicycle Plan which is throwing a ton (millions really!) of money at bike infrastructure in the Metro area. See it here: That action was the catalyst for my idea. I agree that this information is truly a rich resource for all citizens regardless of transportation. You could easily overlay a bus route system as well and do some really rad spatial analysis; But traveling by bike is my passion! I and two friends were mugged on our bikes three summers ago in Portland. I would have loved if there was an instant online forum to let other cyclists know where bike assault had happened. That's an event that I would have mapped and overlaid and blogged and twitted and posted.