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Economic Development

A smart phone multimedia app that is identified and accessible by a user's GPS location. A citizen or visitor selects a "City topic Filter" , e.g., 1.) bus stop route ID and orientation tool, 2.)City landmarks; history or current use, 3.) City Parks and trail identifier, 4.) Public parking Facility identifier, 5.)City Visitor Tour POI. Smart phone users can download the TellMe APP that allows a filter selection and then as one drives or walks an area, if relevant city information has been geomapped, for that point a tone sounds to let one know relevant information is available. Just say "TellMe" and a short blurb of information is spoken to the inquirer. typically a graphic, visual or photo appears on the phone showing a landmark, signage or a map location which reinforces the message.

A simple TellMe voice and imaging authoring tool kit allows civic or city employed content authors to capture on-site geomapping data, and upload short narratives appropriate for the site audio blurb.