CitySync Challenge Is Now Over

Thanks to those of you that participated in providing your Ideas, Apps, and Feedback to our Developer Docs and APIs. We will be evaluating your submissions in the next few weeks and will contact you to follow-up with questions and/or notification of prize awards.


PDX CitySync is a digital hub concept; an open platform for web-based apps built on open source technology in support of the Portland Plan's effort to better connect our community through important information and services targeted to both residents and local business. Please see our temporary splash page describing the program and outreach at:

PDX CitySync offers both residents and local business a personalized way to access local news, information and events in and around Portland. CitySync is not only a software development effort but a collaboration program with residents and local business. Through the CitySync Challenge, we are seeking to collaborate with the community for ideas, apps, and related datasets to create useful tools and services developed for our community.

In support of this collaboration effort, we're soon to offer the following collateral/information:

 — A "Demo Edition" of PDX CitySync, supporting temporary user accounts, allowing you to take it for a test drive and provide us feedback.

 — Developer documentation:

 — Javascript SDK (software developer's kit):

 — Various APIs to civic data: